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CDL License - Hazardous Materials

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Hazardous materials (HAZMAT OR HM) pose a risk to health, safety and property during transportation. Hazardous materials include explosives, various types of gas, solids, flammable and combustible liquids and other materials. Because of the risks involved, government at all levels regulates the transportation of hazardous materials and requires CDL drivers to be at least 21 years of age. HAZMAT endorsements are not transferable from state to state.

Time limit: 180 minutes.  Passing Score: 80%

This CDL - Hazardous Materials practice exam contains 150 questions much like those that will appear in any of the CDL - Commercial Driver License exam. You don't need to memorize the questions and answers because this is not the real exam, instead you should read and understand the concepts behind the question. Learn the material, get a high score in the License exam and become a good Licensed CDL. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your chances of passing your CDL Licensing exam.

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Hazardous Materials
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CDL License - Hazardous Materials

Transporting hazardous materials can be risky. Federal regulations tell you how to contain the material and communicate the risk. They also assure safe drivers and equipment.

The Code of Federal Regulations gives regulations for hazardous materials. These regulations are located in title 49, parts 171-180. You will hear these regulations referred to as 49 CFR 171-180. The Hazardous Materials Table in the regulations includes a list of hazardous materials. However, this table does not show all hazardous materials. A material is considered hazardous based on its characteristics. A shipper decides if a product meets the definition of a hazardous material in the regulations. Because the federal regulations change often, be sure that your copy is up to date. You may get a copy from your local Government Printing Office bookstore and various publishers. Union or company offices often have copies for drivers to use.

Please note that this is not a real test. is not responsible for any results of your real test. The Federal and State regulations and rules could be modified anytime. In no way is responsible for its accuracy. Always consult your state, or federal manuals. At all times follow the manufacturer's service requirements.


Hazardous Materials
Practice Exam

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